About Us

It began with nothing but an adornment for jewelry, for the craft and its beauty. We started this journey in 2017 when we launched Adorn by Nikita on social media. Rising above simply with a passion to create and adorn other women, we started our little venture with this name. 
Our designer, Nikita Ladiwala takes inspiration from where she belongs, the Pink City, Jaipur: A city filled with beautiful motifs and designs that truly embrace femininity. Adorn amplifies this art and culture of India, and tries to transform it into contemporary jewelry made for the women of today. Our mission is to let our audience embrace their femininity the way they wish to, and we play a small part in enhancing it for them. 
With uncompromising standards of craftsmanship, we create premium quality pieces in sterling silver. 
Strongly rooted in our values is creating pieces that are personal to you, and made with the love and effort of us. Adorn is nothing but an expression: to draw out the magnificence of adornments, respecting the craft and the people who create it.